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The before was actually a hard-coded page that was very nicely put together. The problem was that it wasn’t built into a system. Updating was manual and tedious. There was no automation. Social media was lacking. There wan’t an Ecommerce solution to handle the many fundamentals of retailing online.

We really liked many of the elements that were used in the original version as well as their quality of images. We decided to “sparingly” use their wonderful elements in a different way that was more subtle, yet still made an impression. We created Promo Boxes that can be very easily updated and changed around through the back-end of the website. We also made the two solutions we chose for this project responsive, meaning they will display as an app in a more streamlined version on mobile devices. We also incorporated SocialNET, our solution that automates posts on Facebook and Twitter whenever a new item or new blog article is published.

The end result was clean and easy to manage in every aspect!

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If you want to see the live sight in action click here. They have some very cool products as well!

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