Bob Solari Magic – Before & After


I see this very often with clients and potential clients. The person that designed the site is more of a hobbyist than a true designer or developer. And while there’s nothing wrong with playing and learning as we all start somewhere, a business whether it’s Ecommerce or service related needs to employ a professional person or company to achieve professional results.

Someone who stumbled upon this website with the original cover page would have absolutely no idea what the site was about. While I am a fan of cartoons and animation, they should be product specific in this case and not generic.  A true Ecommerce system did not exist in the beginning. It was a poorly design Javascript shopping cart that was created in the last century! In today’s world a good system with well developed products is quite necessary in order to succeed.


Here we essentially had a blank canvas to work with. We created a “dark” custom template that fit the concept and its owner quite well! We created the initial product data and instructed the owner how to administer future updates to his new website. Sales didn’t double or triple…they increased instantly by 1000%! They did 10 times the business from the get-go  even during a down economy! Something professional will always win out over the do-it-yourself attempt to save a few dollars.

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