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Why you need to redesign your website

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In order to stay relevant with your online presence, you may need to undergo a website redesign. You may find that your website hasn’t been updated in a long time and there are pages that are no longer relevant or current to what your business is offering. Whether you want to keep users on your site longer or simply wish to increase your conversion rate, you should be evaluating your website performance on a regular basis to discover areas for improvement. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to do this yourself, an experienced web designer may be the next person you need to talk to.

Many companies with a lot of potential in their industry hit a roadblock when it comes to their business’s growth because of simple mistakes on how they present themselves online. Are you contemplating whether your website needs a redesign? Consider the following reasons why it might be time to take action and revamp your online presence.

Poor imaging

Having poor images or video content gives the impression that you don’t care about your brand or your customers. Customers want to see authentic visuals, not stock imagery, that shows them what it’s like to use your products or to work with your services. Users are visiting your website to learn more before they make a decision. Your images are a way to make your company more personal and to build a connection with a user.

Not mobile friendly

If your website hasn’t be overhauled recently, then you probably haven’t converted to a mobile-friendly site either. Most visitors coming to your site for the first time are probably on their mobile devices. A mobile friendly site allows you to accommodate all of your users no matter what platform they are using to search for you. If your website isn’t responsive, your competition already has an advantage over you. Now is the time to implement a responsive design.

Messy and unstructured

A big mistake is having a busy website that spews out too much information right on the homepage. If your site is busy or hard to navigate, users will leave it and find a site that is easier to move around on. As much as you want to fit in as much information as possible, you really only have a few seconds to capture the interest of a website visitor. Therefore, you need to be concise and to the point with the content on your homepage. Users don’t want to read endless paragraphs when they are first visiting a site. Let your landing pages showcase additional details.

Redesigning your website is one of the most powerful things you can do for your online presence. A website is a communication tool and if a user cannot communicate with you digitally, you are going to lose sales. An experienced web designer can help you revamp your site and make it current. You don’t want to live in the past when it comes to your business you want to forge ahead. A new and improved website will help you accomplish that goal.

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