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It’s possible to redesign your website!


Before we built the new site, the old one was built on static pages and mostly text. There were very few images and the pages were not very appealing to the eye.
We deployed a CMS making it very easy to update, shot and produced an amazing video capturing one of the yearly Houdini Seances and added other graphical elements that created an online entity of fun and excitement.

Is that tired old website dragging you down?   Do you feel like you are missing out on gaining more customers and making more sales because your website just isn’t attracting visitors? If the answer is yes then you need to find an experienced web designer to help you take that website back and turn it into a more lucrative online presence for your business!

Just like hotel owners on the top hit show #hotelimpossible, you want to revamp something that isn’t necessarily broken but needs some tweaking. On Hotel Impossible, hotels are in need of a makeover so that their business can thrive again and so the hotel can be an enjoyable experience for its customers. Just like this scenario, your website needs to be an enjoyable experience for your potential customers. It needs to be a place to visit and research your product or service so that they can decide if they want to be a patron of your business.

At Web Retake, we take your existing website and analyze it. We figure out what is wrong, and what is right about it and then we get to the redesign. We want your input and creativity so at this point we will ask you what you are looking for in web design and then we put your vision into action and recreate a website that is both appealing but also useful.

When you look at your existing website, ask yourself, is it drawing in customers? Does it contain useful information that will lead people to your business? Is it easy to navigate? Does it contain pertinent videos or images relating to your products or services? Does it allow users to find your physical address and/or phone number? If even one of these questions hails a “no” than it is time to start thinking about a revamp of your current website.

Having a do-over of your website does not mean you did a bad job the first time. It simply means your information is either outdated or no longer relevant in the online world. People can’t find you without adding keywords and search engine optimization to your site either. You can revamp your site and make it aesthetically pleasing chock full of relevant information that your clients will love but, if they can’t find you in the first place, what’s the point?

The other aspect of website revamping is to get you relevant out there in user land. When someone types a few keywords related to your industry, into Google, you want your business to pop up on the first page. That is search engine optimization or SEO. And you want this for your website. Web Retake can do this and then we can show you how to maintain it on your own so that you can continue to be relevant out there in cyber land, and the real world too.

If you want to do a web retake on your website, find an experienced web designer who can show you the way. Check out Web Retake! We can help!

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