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Web design REVAMP! What happens to your old website when you decide to re-launch it?

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If your old website is out of commission or in dire need of a revamp, it is probably time to focus on re-launching it to a new and improved version so that your clients, both existing and potential can find you. If business has slowed and you need to find newer and innovative ways of picking it back up, going online is the right way to go. This article will explain not only what happens to your old website but what happens to your business once you decide to do a web redesign.

Your old website is made up of files. Once your website is taken down, they are no longer on the Internet. They are no longer visible to users and cannot be accessed. Your domain is a location and can be pointed to a new set of files, making up your new website and once that happens, people using your web address will now find a new and improved site, not the old one. If you keep the same URLs, or pages, these new pages will show up and visitors will continue to come as they always have but will see new information, content, images, etc. If your web designer gives one of your new pages a different address, people going to the old address will not find the new page. It is important to make sure this part is done right. A good web designer knows how to redirect from your old page to the new one. If your web designer is careful about naming pages and doing redirects, you should not lose any value or traffic when you build your new website.

If your website is now defunct, meaning you let it expire and you haven’t used it in ages, you most likely still own the domain (web address) and can easily hire a web designer to revive and revamp it. For your part, think of what you want to do with the site. Will it be a catalyst to sell your product or service or more of an informative site where you direct clients to see your work? Do you want to get noticed on the web and beat out your competition? Whatever reasons you have for revamping your website, you are taking a step in the right direction.

We live in a digital age and right now, and not having a website is actually hurting your business. Regardless if your business has thrived for 50 years or 5 years without a website, you need one in this day and age. Potential clients want to know about you before they meet you and this is the perfect platform to do that. So whether you are looking to use the Internet to drum up more business or want to use it as a platform to show information to your client, you need to find a good web designer to give your website a web redesign.

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