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Is your existing website poorly designed? Is it difficult for you to update? Do you have broken images and links? If you have tried to build a website yourself or used a less than reputable web designer to do it for you and now your site is a mess, it may be time to redesign it. Much like the premise of #barrescue, Web Retake is a web design company that transforms a struggling website into a vibrant and effective tool for your business. It’s hard to face the truth that your website just isn’t working and especially if you tried to design it yourself. But the truth is, just like you wouldn’t build your brick and mortar business from the ground up by yourself (unless you know how to) you shouldn’t be doing the same thing with your online business (unless you truly know how to).

At Web Retake, we pick up where your website has failed and redesign it for you. After the redesign, we build it into a system that you can easily manage. Then we train you and turn it back over to you to run and manage successfully. Take a look below at the steps we take to ensure you have a unique and fully operational site that is ready to work for you.

  • We look over every aspect of your current website and analyze any issues and inaccuracies.
  • We investigate your industry and check out your competition to gain a better understanding of what exactly your website needs in order to be competitive.
  • We decide what elements to keep on your current site if any, and then we hit the design studio!
  • We use tools like Photoshop, HTML editors and hard-code particular elements (if that confused you, you definitely need a retake).
  • We create new style sheets and graphics, adding images and video and cool elements that get your site noticed.
  • Tests are performed on multiple platforms, every major browser and all major mobile devices.
  • When the redesign aspect is complete, we bring the template into a system that you can easily manage (yes you!).
  • We bring in your existing content and then train you on how to effectively manage and run your website.

If your website is struggling like the owners over at Bar Rescue, we can help redesign it and bring it back to life. You are to be commended for trying to do it yourself and/or save money, but now it is time to let a professional web design company guide you. We don’t want to run your website for you, we want to help you fix it, show you how to maintain it and then hand it back over to you. You will be successful with your site if you are shown how it works and how it runs. Let us give you a website rescue!

Connect with Web Retake today and let us show you what’s possible for your website.

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